Dwarf Sperm Whale
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Name : Dwarf Sperm Whale
Scientific Name : Kogia simus
Class : Mammalia
Family : Kogiidae
Order : Mysticeti (suborder) - Odontoceti
Shape : The Dwarf Sperm Whale has a slightly pointed snout overlaps lower jaw. The teeth in the upper jaw are vestigial. The body may appear wrinkled. False gill behind each eye.
Fins : Broad short flippers located far forward on body.
Length : They measure between 2.1 - 2.7 metres and the newborn 1 metre.
Weight : Adults weigh between 135 - 275 kg and newborns between 40 - 50 kg.
Colour : Bluish-grey or dark grey-black back. Underside paler than upper side and sides, and sometimes pinkish in colour.
Diet : Krill, fish and octopus.
Population : Populations may be continuous around the world.
Habits : Rises to the surface slowly and deliberately and, unlike most other small whales (which roll forward at the surface), simply drops out of sight. May occasionally breach. Dives to depths of at least 300 metres. Group size varies from 1 - 10.
Distribution : The Dwarf Sperm Whale appears to prefer warmer waters and seems to be especially common off the southern tip of Africa and in the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez), Mexico, where it occurs particularly close to shore.

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