Brydes Whale
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Name : Bryde's Whale
Scientific Name : Balaenoptera edeni
Class : Mammalia
Family : Balaenopteridae
Order : Cetacea (suborder) - Mysticeti
Shape : The 3 longitudinal ridges on the top of the Bryde's Whale's head are normally 1 - 2 cm high while all other members of the family have just one. 40 - 70 throat grooves, usually end at or behind navel. There may be a gap between the plates at the front of the broad, flat rostrum.
Fins : Broad flattened tail stock with slender, relatively short flippers, prominent dorsal fin with trailing edge, sometimes notched or frayed.
Length : Adults measure between 11.5 - 14.5 metres and newborns 3.4 - 4 metres.
Weight : Adults can weigh between 12 - 20 tons and newborns 900 kg.
Colour : The colour varies greatly between individuals; most are black or slate-grey, though the plates near the tip of the rostrum are often completely or partially creamy white. The bristles are long, stiff, and uncurled, and are generally brownish or greyish in colour.
Diet : Krill, squid and fish, including sardines and anchovies.
Population : Some populations have been depleted by whaling.
Migration : Offshore animals may migrate short distances, but there are no known long-distance migrations to higher latitudes.
Habits : Group size varies between 1 - 7, loose groups of up to 30 at feeding grounds. When feeding, typically makes sudden changes in direction, both underwater and at the surface, its swimming style often gives the impression of a large dolphin rather than a whale.

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