False Killer Whale

False Killer Whales South Africa. Clark Miller

Name : False Killer Whale
Scientific Name : Pseudorca crassidens
Class : Mammalia
Family : Delphinidae
Order : Cetacea suborder - Odontoceti
Shape : The adult's body is long, and its head has an elongated profile. The top jaw is longer than the bottom one. Each half-jaw sports 7 to 11 teeth.
Fins : The dorsal fin is falcate, of medium height, and right behind the midpoint of the animal. The flippers are short, and there is a bump about halfway along the back of the fin. The flukes have a median notch.
Length : This whale measures an average of 5.50 - 6 metres for males and 4.60 - 5.40 metres for females. The newborn measures 1.50 - 1.80 metres.
Weight : The male's maximum weight is 2.2 metric tons, and female's is 1.1 metric ton. The newborn weighs about 80 kg.
Colour : This whale is completely black, except for a grey area between the pectorals on the ventral side.
Diet : The False Killer Whale's diet is heavy in octopus as well as large fish.
Population : The False Killer Whale is relatively abundant within its distribution area.
Migration : No fixed migrations are known.
Habits : Fast, active swimmer. Frequently emerges with mouth open, revealing rows of teeth. Often breaches, usually twisting to fall back into the water on its side, causing a huge splash for a whale of its size. This whale holds the record for a mass stranding. Small groups of 2 to 20 animals are usually observed.

Whale Watching South Africa : Whale Trail Hermanus, Cape Whale Coast, Garden Route
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